Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Good Factors of Quality Office Design

Big companies as well as small companies understand that work spaces are part of business tool. It is a reflection and reinforces business core values, with the placement of different teams and functions and design elements that reflect culture, brand, and ideas. Office design comes up with great order on how the personality of the management engages on every worker.

The Office design that work well can deliver a collaborative push that dwells too much of a good thing. In that matter, people are rediscovering the value of order and focus and asking for spaces where they can concentrate. With the collaboration of an optimum range of in-between work modes, each has optimal setting. The best way to identify these is to define everyday work patterns and mini-moments that correspond to office design decisions.

This is easier said than done, however. It’s one thing to note a person working solo in an otherwise empty seminar room, or a group of people huddling around someone’s desk because a conference room wasn’t available. It’s quite another to imagine what an alternative, effective scenario might look like.

There are seven attributes that can more concretely enable people to match a desired way of working with a physical space: Perspective, Enclosure, Exposure, Location, Technology, Temporarily and Size. With these seven attributes, we can build a good office design that dwells on the behavior of the workers. Remember that unpleasant office can distract that mood of a worker. Here’s the attribution:

Perspective - The direction in which the space focuses the user’s attention. They can go Inward or outward.

Enclosure – The degree to which the space is enclosed by walls, doors or a ceiling. Choose either closed or open.

Exposure – The degree to which the space offers visual or acoustic privacy. It’s either public or private.

Location - The degree to which the space is accessible by all or few.  Is it Core or Periphery?

Technology – The degree to which the space is outfitted with high-tech or low tech tools.

Temporarily - The degree to which the space invites lingering.

Size – The usable square footage of the space. You can choose either Large or small.

With the use of collaborative aspect, we need to use this attributes in order to build a quality office design that blends on the mood of every worker. We need to revitalize any object that compensate on the work mode. With the collaboration of any idea, you need to come up with the valuable design that sounds effective on the core-value of the management and the employees.