Thursday, January 5, 2017

How to Stay Organized at Work after Holiday

Accomplishing the tasks in the office is so hard after the long Holiday. Your mind is still in vacation mode reminiscing the past few days about your moments with your family and friends, about your travel and adventure, and nay activities that happened to you during the Holiday. Despite of physical presence in the office, your mind are still in the day dream especially if you spent the holiday with your special someone. You are in the cloud 9 dreaming that there are another long holidays so that you can get along with her.

Make yourself organise during your first day in the office after the long holiday season. Here are some tips that will guide you on how to fix yourself and be proactive in your task. This will help you improve your momentum in delivering an output during the lazy day in the office.

Back In The office Plan
Prepare yourself 2 days before the start of office day. If you are enjoying a long holiday and done so many activities, you need to rest and prepare yourself 2 days before you go back into the office. In this way, you can prepare and set your mind into work mode.

Sleep Schedule Plan
During the Vacation time, we change our sleeping schedule. Sometimes, we sleep too late because of many activities. Our routine sleep schedules during the working days are compromise during holidays. If your vacation is about to end, plan to adjust your sleep schedule into normal working days sleep time. This is to avoid you getting late during your first day in the office.

Work mode plan
Write a To-do list upon your come back in the office. Keep in my mind to take it easy. Be organising into things that you are going to do. Don't force yourself to full throttle during the first day because it will caused you stress and unorganised. Plan everything into your To-Do list. Don't go immediately into your routine task because it will guide you into panic mode. Take it easy and do the easier part of your task.

A.      Day 1 Work Plan
As long as first day is concern, don't force yourself to work your entire routine task. A possible task that makes yourself ease your day will be checking your email first for you to gather information and plan to scatter the activities for the remaining workdays. Don't try to respond to them all at once, because it might be overwhelming. Just make a note where to reply and what activities to comply with those emails.

B.      Day 2 Work Plan
Check on how the projects you're working on and tackle the new developments. Focus on the simplest projects first so that you can work on it easier. Don't force yourself to check all the projects, just make a summary for the projects that you checked.

C.      Day 3 Work Plan
You can simply bring back yourself now into your routine job in the office. Check your to-do list and be ready to roll on your scheduled tasks. If your boss ask you for a meeting, be always ready now because your mind is now set into work mode and ready to rock on all tasks.

D.      Day 4 Work Plan
Time to full force on your hard tasks and make it sure to finish it at the end of the day. Remember that tomorrow is Friday, that's why you need to focus today because Friday means weekend mood.

E.       Day 5 Work Plan
Since Friday is a weekend mood, you need to review all your done tasks and prepare a report and plan for your task again for the next week.

When you are working in the office or start to work in the office again, you need to build a game plan on how to handle your job with organise set up and manageable time and effort. Stress is part of the job but don't let the stress overpower your life. Always think of the remedies that keep your life at ease while working.