Monday, November 13, 2017

5 Factors to consider when choosing a serviced office

The task of choosing a new serviced office space, should never be a task taken lightly. Whether you are choosing a space for a new business, or whether you are looking to move an existing business into a new premise, there are many factors to consider.
And with the growing number of serviced offices opening up popping up it can be a challenge to pick the right one. Check out the top 5 factors below that you should consider when choosing the serviced office space for you:

The location of your new serviced office is important for three reasons. Firstly, is it close to public transport options, making it easy for you employees to get to the office. Secondly, is the location of the office one that will allow for guests and clients to find it easily? And lastly, is the office location one that has amenities like coffee and stationery shops nearby


Terms and Conditions
When it comes to the terms and conditions of your new serviced office, are you more focused the agreement meeting your financial needs, or do you require it to provide you with flexibility. A better price will most likely require you to sign up for a longer contract term, and on the reverse, if you are looking for a more flexible contract term (month by month, etc) this will often require you to pay a higher premium or deposit. Another item to consider are the operating hours in the terms and conditions. Do they allow for 24 / 7 access? Are there restrictions on air conditioning and the like?
Aside from your own private office space, what other amenities does the space provide for use by your team? Does the space have meeting rooms, training facilities or boardrooms, and if so are they complimentary or is there a booking fee? Are there areas for your teams to meet informally in pantry or lounge areas? Do these areas have food service or coffee facilities? Lastly are there break out areas where teams can relax and unwind?

Ensuring your office is supported by the appropriate tech resources is crucial. Irrespective of your business type or customer needs, downtime is bad! Does the new space provide high speed internet connectivity through reliable providers? What redundancy is built into the power supply, internet, and network? What IT support is provided to your operations?

Once you have found a space that meets all of the requirements for your business, the last item to consider is whether or not your business is compatible to operate in a community based working environments. Whilst you have the privacy and security in your own office, you will be one of many business and people making use of pantry spaces and meeting rooms. Does this fit in your companies operating rhythm?

Project T Solutions provides premium serviced office space with Metro Manila in the Philippines.  Speak to the team at Project T Solutions today to set an time visit our offices and check our full range or services and amenities

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Project T Solutions is Joining the 5th Philippine SME Business Expo and Conference

A champion of SME, Start-up & Entrepreneurial Businesses, Project T Solutions is excited to join this expo to demonstrate our premium serviced office and co-working spaces, as well as our end to end business support services.

The 5th Philippine SME Business Expo & Conference runs November 3-4, 2017 at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. The said Expo is already on the 5th year and the participants are keeping on expansions. Just like this year, there are numerous companies from start up to medium companies that caters the SME business world.

For the first time, Project T Solutions will be one the participants. We can showcase some of our premium services and share you some great surprises during the 2 days event. When you go there, feel free to visit our booth and be our guest and might get a big surprise.

About the Philippine SME Business Expo & Conference, it is the largest Business-2-Business Expo, Conference & Networking Event for Small & Medium Enterprises. Register for free at & visit the Project T Solutions exhibit to be in the running for some fantastic prizes!! See you there…

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The growth of the Flexible Workspace Industry

We all know the success stories of certain giants who once started off in such humble beginnings.

Google (initially known as Backrub) was the brain child of Larry Page and Sergey Bin, and was born out of their dorm rooms at Stanford University in 1995. A financial investment into their business in 1998 saw them move from their dorm room to their first office, a garage in suburban Menlo Park, California,

Dell, a Fortune 500 company, and pioneer in desktop computers, started off for founder Michael Dell as PC’s Limited. Initial operations of Dell’s company ran from Dell’s dorm room, until he decided to drop out of college to run his company full time. 

In the fall out of World War II Ruth and Elliot Handler started making picture frames, and took to using scraps left over from their frames to make doll houses. Discovering that doll houses were more lucrative than picture frames, the beginnings of what is now Mattel was born out of a garage in Southern California.

What ties these three stories together, along with those stories of countless other success stories who came from humble beginnings, is that they originated outside of the traditional office space. Whether it was a dorm room, a kitchen table or a garage from where they originated, it would be some time in each of their journeys until they moved into a more traditional office or commercial spaces.

It could be said that the dorm rooms, kitchen tables and garages of days gone by, are the co-working spaces and serviced office spaces that we see on the rise today. Now don’t get me wrong, businesses are still being born out of dorm rooms and kitchens all over the world, but with the growing need for start-ups and entrepreneurs to have a more professional face, the flexible workspace industry has grown leaps and bounds to give these companies the space and support to become a success.

Whether it be a co-working desk amongst other like-minded professionals in a collaborative space, to a modern professional private office to continue the growth of your start-up, the flexible workspace industry provides ease of access to these spaces. On top of this they can provide reception and mail handling, spaces to hold meetings and seminars, an address and a location, all with the aim or providing a professional front to a business, allowing the creators to focus on making their business grow.

Project T Solutions is a leading player in the flexible workspace in the Philippines and welcomes the opportunity to partner entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses to achieve their business success.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Spooky Boodle Fight: A Halloween Party of Project T Solutions

Project T Solutions Spooky Boodle Fight Halloween Party 2017

Project T Solutions is cooking a very spooky yet delicious event this coming October 27. In line with the celebration of Halloween, Project T has come up with the theme SPOOKY BOODLE FIGHT. Yes, we are partying a Halloween with bloody make up and scary attire while having a boodle fight. Isn’t it exciting?

The party will start at 3pm on October 27 at Project T Solutions Pantry 1-Dinagat Islands.  There are lot of surprises. Don’t forget to make an effort in your Halloween costumes. Best costumes means big surprises are up stakes. Don't forget to bring your kids, there are spooky-lucky surprises for them as well. 

We are inviting your for this event in order to see how the Project T Family cares for the clients and look around on our facilities that caters to grow your business through our serviced offices.

See you on October 27. Let’s have a Spooky Boodle Fight. A delicious gastro-food awaits you… 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Project T Launches First BGC Facility

Project T officially launched its first facility in Bonifacio Global City last March 16. Its forward thinking focus on design and detail makes it suitable for SMEs planning to set-up businesses in the Philippines.

The serviced office boasts of 29 private offices, 400 internet-enabled workstations, two conference rooms which can accommodate respectively 25 and 10 people, 70 seater training room, 2 interview rooms, work pods, sleeping quarters, a clinic and lactation area, business center and lounge, and two pantries.

Project T offers end to end business solutions. Their services include: 

A.      Serviced Office: private office spaces (BGC) with furniture and internet-enabled workstations for 4 to 400
B.      Virtual Office: premium office address (BGC or Makati), landline number, mail and call handling services
C.      Co-working space: 400 flexible plug and play seats (BGC), available with no minimum number requirement
D.      Business Continuity Plan: disaster recovery office spaces, multiple redundant internet connection
E.       Staff Leasing: recruitment, onboarding, and management of virtual, part-time and full-time employees
F.       HR & Payroll: redundancy control, process payroll and mandatory benefits - SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig
G.     Commercial Space: locate suitable office spaces (bare shell and furnished) in BGC, Makati, Ortigas, and Cebu
H.      Residential Space: locate suitable housing (apartments, townhouses, condos ) for individuals and companies
I.        Business Registration: process documents with SEC, PEZA, FDA, BIR, LTO, BI and other PHL government agencies

Address: 23rd Floor, Bonifacio Stopover Corporate Center, 31st St. Corner 2nd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, 1634

Phone Number: 02-236-5999

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Good Factors of Quality Office Design

Big companies as well as small companies understand that work spaces are part of business tool. It is a reflection and reinforces business core values, with the placement of different teams and functions and design elements that reflect culture, brand, and ideas. Office design comes up with great order on how the personality of the management engages on every worker.

The Office design that work well can deliver a collaborative push that dwells too much of a good thing. In that matter, people are rediscovering the value of order and focus and asking for spaces where they can concentrate. With the collaboration of an optimum range of in-between work modes, each has optimal setting. The best way to identify these is to define everyday work patterns and mini-moments that correspond to office design decisions.

This is easier said than done, however. It’s one thing to note a person working solo in an otherwise empty seminar room, or a group of people huddling around someone’s desk because a conference room wasn’t available. It’s quite another to imagine what an alternative, effective scenario might look like.

There are seven attributes that can more concretely enable people to match a desired way of working with a physical space: Perspective, Enclosure, Exposure, Location, Technology, Temporarily and Size. With these seven attributes, we can build a good office design that dwells on the behavior of the workers. Remember that unpleasant office can distract that mood of a worker. Here’s the attribution:

Perspective - The direction in which the space focuses the user’s attention. They can go Inward or outward.

Enclosure – The degree to which the space is enclosed by walls, doors or a ceiling. Choose either closed or open.

Exposure – The degree to which the space offers visual or acoustic privacy. It’s either public or private.

Location - The degree to which the space is accessible by all or few.  Is it Core or Periphery?

Technology – The degree to which the space is outfitted with high-tech or low tech tools.

Temporarily - The degree to which the space invites lingering.

Size – The usable square footage of the space. You can choose either Large or small.

With the use of collaborative aspect, we need to use this attributes in order to build a quality office design that blends on the mood of every worker. We need to revitalize any object that compensate on the work mode. With the collaboration of any idea, you need to come up with the valuable design that sounds effective on the core-value of the management and the employees.  

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Benefits of Shared Office in Central Business District

Shared office is one of the new concept mostly in Central Business District that allows companies who own or manage an office that have extra office space to share or rent the workstations to an individual or smaller companies looking for flexible work-space. A business owner who owns or leases a too-large office space then sublets desks and offices to others. The client target of Shared office leasing is those working as freelancers, telecommuters, and even business travelers. Operation models vary with charging daily, weekly, or monthly rent, while others sell memberships that allow the member to make use of the work-space and its facilities.
Here some of the featured benefits of Shared Office Leasing:

Time Management
If you are in the real office, you can work as fast as you can and make all your time in the office efficient. Unlike, if you are working at home or in a certain not-typical working place, there are lot of distractions and that makes you prolong your time working with your tasks.

Cost-effective Rent
For small companies, shared office can cut big cost of office rental. With individual costing of leased station, you can cut a cost of rental if you compare of renting a whole office.

Reduced Stress
If there are distractions in your home upon working home-based, you can probably feel stressed because of untimely doing your task. If you have a good office work station, you can work easily and focus on task. Less time on finishing your task means less stress.

Social Interaction and Networking Opportunities
With shared office, you can interact with other business settings and deal with them. This will lead to possible networking opportunities, exchange of ideas, and help promoting business towards other co-office tenants.

Satisfactory Location
Shared office is usually to Central Business District where you can enjoy the ambiance as an office guy. Unlike in home, you can’t feel like you have your job.

Foods Onsite
Of course, all of us love to eat. When you are in work, you also checking where to eat near your office. Just like the shared office location of Project T Solutions, there are lot of food shops and restaurants at the ground floor of the building. It feels like motivated in working upon thinking lots of food shops near your office.

In Metro Manila, especially in Central Business District like Makati, Ortigas and BGC, there are company who offers shared office services. Though, in this market, there’s a new player that upgrades all the features of Shared office leasing. The new company that offers Shared Office in Bonifacio Global City is the Project T Solutions. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Shared Office in the Philippines

A service known as Shared office space is one of the most important service for a start up business here in the Philippines. A shared office space offers everything you'd expect in a fully-functional work space. Instead of thinking so many paper requirements in putting up your business office, shared office can deal with a convenient of not dealing with signing a lengthy lease and being locked into paying long term rental fees, a shared space allows you to rent office space on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on what your individual needs are.

Let’s see what are the benefits or advantages of dealing with a Shared Office space service. Here the commendable list that you need to know about it:

Cost Efficiency
If you want to put up a business and rent an office space, you will know how expensive it is especially if the office that you want is in the Central Business District like in Makati CBD, Ortigas, Eastwood and Bonifacio Global City. Availing a Shared Office Space can cut your rent up to 70%. Imagine how much discount you can earn and allocate that money in other expenses of your business. A shared space gives you access to an office that is ready to go as soon as you sign up for services. This can be a game changer in regards to your productivity, creativity and financial potential.

Office Facilities and Amenities
Shared office can give you the best facilities and amenities access. If you wish your office is like the big companies with full of facilities and amenities, shared office can give you everything depends on the packages that you avail from it. Instead of buying or filling up your office with the equipments that you wish for, in Shared office, they have already those equipments and ready to use or access.

We know that putting a business means lot of paper and requirements contract to deal with. In shared office, all you need to do is avail the complete services then they are the one that process all your requirements. One thing more, once you avail and signed, you can start immediately.  Easy process means time convenience and ready to start your business as soon as possible.

Meeting People and Networking
In shared office, you can meet more people that working in their business too. You can communicate with them and make them as your possible client in your product and service too. There is a possibility also of exchanging thoughts that will help in your both businesses.

Safe Work Space
Instead of working everywhere, Like in the coffee shop, bar, etc.; Shared office can give you work in an office with security and safe ambiance. You have your own work station with fast computer and excellent internet connection.

There are more advantages of Shared office Space to list for. Though, I just listed the most beneficial for those individuals or small business owners who want to avail the said service.

For those business individuals who are looking for an excellent Shared office space in Makati CBD, Bonifacio Gobal City, and in the rest CBDs in Metro Manila, you can check or contact the Project T Solutions. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

How to Stay Organized at Work after Holiday

Accomplishing the tasks in the office is so hard after the long Holiday. Your mind is still in vacation mode reminiscing the past few days about your moments with your family and friends, about your travel and adventure, and nay activities that happened to you during the Holiday. Despite of physical presence in the office, your mind are still in the day dream especially if you spent the holiday with your special someone. You are in the cloud 9 dreaming that there are another long holidays so that you can get along with her.

Make yourself organise during your first day in the office after the long holiday season. Here are some tips that will guide you on how to fix yourself and be proactive in your task. This will help you improve your momentum in delivering an output during the lazy day in the office.

Back In The office Plan
Prepare yourself 2 days before the start of office day. If you are enjoying a long holiday and done so many activities, you need to rest and prepare yourself 2 days before you go back into the office. In this way, you can prepare and set your mind into work mode.

Sleep Schedule Plan
During the Vacation time, we change our sleeping schedule. Sometimes, we sleep too late because of many activities. Our routine sleep schedules during the working days are compromise during holidays. If your vacation is about to end, plan to adjust your sleep schedule into normal working days sleep time. This is to avoid you getting late during your first day in the office.

Work mode plan
Write a To-do list upon your come back in the office. Keep in my mind to take it easy. Be organising into things that you are going to do. Don't force yourself to full throttle during the first day because it will caused you stress and unorganised. Plan everything into your To-Do list. Don't go immediately into your routine task because it will guide you into panic mode. Take it easy and do the easier part of your task.

A.      Day 1 Work Plan
As long as first day is concern, don't force yourself to work your entire routine task. A possible task that makes yourself ease your day will be checking your email first for you to gather information and plan to scatter the activities for the remaining workdays. Don't try to respond to them all at once, because it might be overwhelming. Just make a note where to reply and what activities to comply with those emails.

B.      Day 2 Work Plan
Check on how the projects you're working on and tackle the new developments. Focus on the simplest projects first so that you can work on it easier. Don't force yourself to check all the projects, just make a summary for the projects that you checked.

C.      Day 3 Work Plan
You can simply bring back yourself now into your routine job in the office. Check your to-do list and be ready to roll on your scheduled tasks. If your boss ask you for a meeting, be always ready now because your mind is now set into work mode and ready to rock on all tasks.

D.      Day 4 Work Plan
Time to full force on your hard tasks and make it sure to finish it at the end of the day. Remember that tomorrow is Friday, that's why you need to focus today because Friday means weekend mood.

E.       Day 5 Work Plan
Since Friday is a weekend mood, you need to review all your done tasks and prepare a report and plan for your task again for the next week.

When you are working in the office or start to work in the office again, you need to build a game plan on how to handle your job with organise set up and manageable time and effort. Stress is part of the job but don't let the stress overpower your life. Always think of the remedies that keep your life at ease while working.