Monday, November 13, 2017

5 Factors to consider when choosing a serviced office

The task of choosing a new serviced office space, should never be a task taken lightly. Whether you are choosing a space for a new business, or whether you are looking to move an existing business into a new premise, there are many factors to consider.
And with the growing number of serviced offices opening up popping up it can be a challenge to pick the right one. Check out the top 5 factors below that you should consider when choosing the serviced office space for you:

The location of your new serviced office is important for three reasons. Firstly, is it close to public transport options, making it easy for you employees to get to the office. Secondly, is the location of the office one that will allow for guests and clients to find it easily? And lastly, is the office location one that has amenities like coffee and stationery shops nearby


Terms and Conditions
When it comes to the terms and conditions of your new serviced office, are you more focused the agreement meeting your financial needs, or do you require it to provide you with flexibility. A better price will most likely require you to sign up for a longer contract term, and on the reverse, if you are looking for a more flexible contract term (month by month, etc) this will often require you to pay a higher premium or deposit. Another item to consider are the operating hours in the terms and conditions. Do they allow for 24 / 7 access? Are there restrictions on air conditioning and the like?
Aside from your own private office space, what other amenities does the space provide for use by your team? Does the space have meeting rooms, training facilities or boardrooms, and if so are they complimentary or is there a booking fee? Are there areas for your teams to meet informally in pantry or lounge areas? Do these areas have food service or coffee facilities? Lastly are there break out areas where teams can relax and unwind?

Ensuring your office is supported by the appropriate tech resources is crucial. Irrespective of your business type or customer needs, downtime is bad! Does the new space provide high speed internet connectivity through reliable providers? What redundancy is built into the power supply, internet, and network? What IT support is provided to your operations?

Once you have found a space that meets all of the requirements for your business, the last item to consider is whether or not your business is compatible to operate in a community based working environments. Whilst you have the privacy and security in your own office, you will be one of many business and people making use of pantry spaces and meeting rooms. Does this fit in your companies operating rhythm?

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